Start Now

This is the post excerpt.


Had another run in with an imposter, con-person; a selfish, manipulative, rude trickster is what he was and I bought what he was selling. Again.

Seems a pattern with me. Person in trouble, usually financially in some way, oh they spot me 100 miles away. “She will help. Not ask too many questions.” (At least right away.) Perhaps it is the lollygagging way I tend to go about the world or the smiling at random strangers on the street corner even if I don’t give them money. Or this incessant need to always give the benefit of the doubt over and over again. Is it stamped on my forehead somewhere and I cannot see it?

This is not an isolated event and so I have a tendency to be an active participant in these dynamics. It is something I need and want to examine. To be more aware. Moreover, my intuition speaks, and I almost think that my squishy heart takes over sometimes and clouds everything so I can’t hear it. So the issue maybe then is learning to stop and listen to that inner soul voice when I feel my heart starting to take over before making any decision.

This would be the wise way.